Pormpuraaw arts@ UP gallery

Pormpuraaw means entrance way to a house in Thaayorre language. It is a unique aboriginal community on the Gulf of Carpentaria on the Cape York Peninsula Queensland Australia.
It is a beautiful location near the beach and surrounded by wetlands filled with native birds. It is the traditional homeland of the Thaayorre people who are saltwater people.
Mungkan people from the north and inland also live there. Mungkan people are freshwater people. During the wet season the rivers rise up and we have no road access for 4 to 5 months. Pormpuraaw becomes an island.
It is a place where language and culture is strong. Many people speak 4 or more different indigenous languages. People know their history, stories and totems.
Pormpuraaw Artists work in painting, large-scale murals, print making, weaving and wood carving. One of our specialties is sculptures made from ghost nets.
Ghost nets are fishing nets illegally dumped in the ocean that wash up on our beaches. They kill the fishes and are terrible curse for the environment.

The exhibition opens on the 11/11/2016 at Urban Paradise Gallery . It is a free exhibition and you are most welcome to attend , let your colleagues or friends know about the show .
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