French Connections at UPG

Patrick Oudin , Guy de Fontville , Sophie Hove , Francois Olivier and Frederic Berjot are exhibiting at Urban Paradise Gallery as part of the French Connections exhibition opening 10/06/2017 and on show till the 30/07/2017 .
Their art is a various as geographical locations, one lives in Vietnam , two in France and two is Australia .
Their style varies from figurative to surealist to borderline abstract .
Guy de Fondville abstract style, reminiscent of the work of Nicholas de Stael will make you feel uplifted and nostalgic with it colours and small of the South of France .

Sophie Hose is inspired by both Fashion and animals which she assemble in a twisted sort of way by incorporating fashion iconic figures.18620427_10155437287132431_1855733661426959573_n18664670_10155437285682431_4498586670944774554_n18672947_10155437284497431_2680102485107762107_o18622295_10155437287092431_896445272522775175_n
Francois Olivier sense of fashion is both very public and very personal in a display of his shoes . This shoes seem down to earth , very real , exhausted of walking or been fixed but beautifully transformed into source of wisdom .
Francois Olivier Portrait 07 41cn X 51cm S 780Francois Olivier Portrait 02 41cn X 51cm S 78019396939_1423700231050070_3003732855759982274_n
Patrick Oudin’s painting are full of dots , bog one small one , double one but they all combine in a fully orchestrated master piece of colours and shape that will sooth your eyes and should in a way only Picasso knew how to do .

Frederic Berjot and his ‘Laughing museum” body casting sculptures will certainly challenge your vision of the world for their raw aspect can either make you smile or cringe .
backview1520710_10152475859448559_3438776883122219169_nself portraitnov2008 copyContemplation copy

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