The laughing museum by Frederic Berjot

Gold Coast sculptor Frederic Berjot started the  Laughing in 1990 in Paddington Sydney by selling custom made body casting and his Tribes figurines at the Paddington Market .

To produce his body cast Frederic body cast  friends , actors, athletes .

Frederic started casting in his Surry hill studio . Swimmer and Aphrodite were made with actor Tracy Mann  but he also cast Benita Collings ( play school) , Catriona Rowntree and many others Sydney celebrities from the sport and Arts industries.

Since 2002 Gold Coast Sculptor Frederic Berjot as chosen the Gold Coast  where he  makes his sculptures .

All his body casting sculptures are made from either  Plaster of Paris , Dental plaster, concrete or  fiberglass . All sculptures and come in either a black carbon , rust of copper finish .

Frederic Berjot’s sculptures are on display at Urban Paradise Gallery .




Fred 2l-1

Swimmer, Plaster of Paris ,$290

Fred 2e-1

Iris , Dental Plaster $450

Fred 2k-1

Contemplation, Plaster of Paris $480

Fred 1r-1

Mde Chang , Dental Plaster $750

Fred 1q-1

Stephanie , Dental Plaster $750

Fred 2f-1

Backstrech , Dental Plaster $450

Fred 1c-1

Magdalena, plaster of Paris $295

Fred 1i-1

Cathedral, Plaster of Paris $240

Fred 1j-1

Lola, Dental Plaster $195

Fred 1d-1

Marie Lou , Plaster of Paris $450

Fred 1g-1

Sophie , Plaster of paris $750

Fred 1s-1

Welder , plaster of Paris $650Fred 1a-1

Orbis Di Ignis , Dental Plaster $795

Fred 1b-1

Beve and George , plaster of Paris $210

Fred 2i-1

Backview Dental Plaster $320

Fred 1f-1

Sunitra ,plaster of Paris $790

Fred 1o-1

Gaia 2 , Plaster of Paris $550

Fred 1n-1

Mother and child $350





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