Birth, Sex & Death

TUFT (Temporary Utopian Fibre Temple) PRESENTS…. Birth, Sex and Death An experimental interactive fibre installation Using handspun, dyed, crocheted, needle felted, and woven yarns, along with  written yarns and the performance of a photographic crochet birth, local fibre artist Helena Post will be setting up residence at the Urban Paradise Gallery in Woolloongabba from theContinue reading “Birth, Sex & Death”

Laura Smith Living Legend opening Night

The opening of  “Living Legends”  exhibition by Artists Laura Smith at Urban Paradise gallery on Friday 31/08/2018 was definitely the place to be in Brisbane .  The event which was open  by Mrs Gina Fairfax was a grandiose affair that saw the Brisbane ‘cream de la cream ” mingled and enjoy the hospitality of UrbanContinue reading “Laura Smith Living Legend opening Night”

Wild Forms by Peter Steller and Mela Cooke .

The opening of the ‘Wild Forms ” exhibition by Mela Cooke and Peter Steller was definitely the place to be in Brisbane . Urban Paradise Gallery was filled with the “who is who ‘ of Brisbane . Guess included Mrs and Mr Fairfax , Mrs and Mr Williamson , John Curry , Peter Grestle ,Continue reading “Wild Forms by Peter Steller and Mela Cooke .”