“Living Legends” by Laura Smith and “Wild Forms” by Peter Steller& Mela Cooke


Artist Laura Smith , Peter Steller and Mela Cooke will showcase their art at Urban Paradise gallery from the 01/09/2018 till the 16/09/2018 . The gallery will be open from 10am to 5 pm everyday for the duration of this exceptional exhibition .


Living Legend



Night and day by Jose Maria Pena

José María Peña was born and lives in Seville, Spain. He earned his Fine Arts  degree in Conservation and Restoration from the University of Seville. His background as an art restorer has allowed him to have a deep knowledge of the painting materials and of the techniques adopted by the great Masters. “My passion is to tell stories through a look, a gesture or a scene and, most of all, the constant search for beauty.”
J.M.P. has exhibited his works in Spain, Italy, Portugal, United States and Japan. 
One of his painting belongs to the permanent collection of the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona. 
The exhibition NIGHT AND DAY reflects the artist’s impressions gained in his various trips   to Australia. In his canvases, 
For his first Australian exhibition , Peña confronts nature and modern city life, always paying attention to the fleeting effect of light with a perspective of elegant depurated realism.


Urban Paradise Gallery hire

Urban Paradise volunteers have recently finished the renovation of our second gallery space located at 62 Annerley Rd , which was opened to the public on the 12/04/2018 with group show.                                                                                                                                          The gallery space is a large, bright and stylish gallery space and offers 3 exhibition areas:

– The foyer / entrance is a bright open space of approximately 23 sqm . It offer 3 large walls bathed in natural light against  a contrasting black ceramic tiles floor .

– The main gallery  is a white concrete floor space of approximately 42 sqm .

-A  4 by 1 meter corridor with large walls on each side

The gallery also as for your convenience 10 car parks , a large kitchen with fridge, one male and one female toilets . Parking space are also avalaible

The gallery is now available for short or long term hire at very competitive rates .





New Urban Paradise Gallery 62-64 Annerley Rd

Urban Paradise newest Gallery is located at 62 to 64 Annerley​ Rd, next door to our already existing gallery space located at 52 Annerley Rd.
The new gallery, which​ was launched on the 15/04/2018 also as 8 artists studios that are available​ for rent at very affordable​ prices.
This gallery space also serves as a seminar room, life drawing space and can be rented at a extremely competitive price.




NEW ARTISTS AT Urban Paradise Gallery

Urban Paradise is pleased to welcome three new local artists to our gallery.

Howard Spark, Benjamin Janovics, and Marcel Huang at now exhibiting at Urban Paradise Gallery