Women on the wall @Urban Paradise gallery

Women on the wall took place at Urban Paradise Gallery on March 14/2018 . International and local artists worked together on a large mural at Urban Paradise gallery in Woollonggabba.


Washed Ashore ; Arts to save the sea

Urban Paradise Gallery  present ; Washed Ashore . Art to save the sea .

In February the Not for Profit UPG is exhibiting the God Father of environmental arts , Dr John Dahlsen .

Dr Dahlsen studied art from 1977 to 1979 at the Victorian College of the Arts and in 1989 at the Melbourne College of Advanced Education. He completed his PhD at Charles Darwin University in 2016. In addition to his art, he also lectures at Australian universities and at environmental symposiums around the world. He has exhibited work in many solo and group exhibitions since 1979.[1] Dahlsen currently lives in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

In 2000, Dahlsen won the Wynne Prize from the Art Gallery of New South Wales for his piece Thong Totems. He was also a finalist in both 2003 and 2004. In 2006 he was a finalist for the Sir John Sulman Medal from the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the second prize winner of the Signature of Sydney Art Prize. He has also won many other awards, such as the 2003 award for mixed media/new media at the Florence Biennial of Contemporary Art, Environmental Art Awards at the Swell Sculpture Exhibition in 2009 and 2010, and the Peoples Choice Award in the ArtsCape Biennial Sculpture Exhibition in 2010.

He has also been awarded several grants from the Australian government as well as private groups. For the last 25 years Artist John Dahlsen as inspired thousand of Australian artists to use plastic waste as a medium for artistic expresion.

Washed Ashore is a retrospective of Dr Dahlsen last 30 years of environmental art practice exhibited exhibited along side with the latest ‘Ghost Nets” Arts from the Cape York peninsula village of Pormpuraaw .

Pormpuraaw Ghost nets Art sculptures have travelled the world and seduce royalties and people from all around the world. From the Gold Coast  to Monaco and from  Paris to  New York , where it was showcase at the United Nation  and now it is in Brisbane at the Urban Paradise Gallery !!!!                                                                                        http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-28/pormpuraaw-artists-turn-ghost-nets-into-world-renowned-pieces/8654974




INVITE .2nd draft.jpg


Michael Norman dugong copy

Michael Norman with ‘dugong”




Dr John Dahlsen

_MG_8017 copy

Echoes_Coloured copy

Echoes coloured

The laughing museum by Frederic Berjot

Gold Coast sculptor Frederic Berjot started the  Laughing in 1990 in Paddington Sydney by selling custom made body casting and his Tribes figurines at the Paddington Market .

To produce his body cast Frederic body cast  friends , actors, athletes .

Frederic started casting in his Surry hill studio . Swimmer and Aphrodite were made with actor Tracy Mann  but he also cast Benita Collings ( play school) , Catriona Rowntree and many others Sydney celebrities from the sport and Arts industries.

Since 2002 Gold Coast Sculptor Frederic Berjot as chosen the Gold Coast  where he  makes his sculptures .

All his body casting sculptures are made from either  Plaster of Paris , Dental plaster, concrete or  fiberglass . All sculptures and come in either a black carbon , rust of copper finish .

Frederic Berjot’s sculptures are on display at Urban Paradise Gallery .




Fred 2l-1

Swimmer, Plaster of Paris ,$290

Fred 2e-1

Iris , Dental Plaster $450

Fred 2k-1

Contemplation, Plaster of Paris $480

Fred 1r-1

Mde Chang , Dental Plaster $750

Fred 1q-1

Stephanie , Dental Plaster $750

Fred 2f-1

Backstrech , Dental Plaster $450

Fred 1c-1

Magdalena, plaster of Paris $295

Fred 1i-1

Cathedral, Plaster of Paris $240

Fred 1j-1

Lola, Dental Plaster $195

Fred 1d-1

Marie Lou , Plaster of Paris $450

Fred 1g-1

Sophie , Plaster of paris $750

Fred 1s-1

Welder , plaster of Paris $650Fred 1a-1

Orbis Di Ignis , Dental Plaster $795

Fred 1b-1

Beve and George , plaster of Paris $210

Fred 2i-1

Backview Dental Plaster $320

Fred 1f-1

Sunitra ,plaster of Paris $790

Fred 1o-1

Gaia 2 , Plaster of Paris $550

Fred 1n-1

Mother and child $350




French Connections at UPG

Patrick Oudin , Guy de Fontville , Sophie Hove , Francois Olivier and Frederic Berjot are exhibiting at Urban Paradise Gallery as part of the French Connections exhibition opening 10/06/2017 and on show till the 30/07/2017 .
Their art is a various as geographical locations, one lives in Vietnam , two in France and two is Australia .
Their style varies from figurative to surealist to borderline abstract .
Guy de Fondville abstract style, reminiscent of the work of Nicholas de Stael will make you feel uplifted and nostalgic with it colours and small of the South of France .

Sophie Hose is inspired by both Fashion and animals which she assemble in a twisted sort of way by incorporating fashion iconic figures.18620427_10155437287132431_1855733661426959573_n18664670_10155437285682431_4498586670944774554_n18672947_10155437284497431_2680102485107762107_o18622295_10155437287092431_896445272522775175_n
Francois Olivier sense of fashion is both very public and very personal in a display of his shoes . This shoes seem down to earth , very real , exhausted of walking or been fixed but beautifully transformed into source of wisdom .
Francois Olivier Portrait 07 41cn X 51cm S 780Francois Olivier Portrait 02 41cn X 51cm S 78019396939_1423700231050070_3003732855759982274_n
Patrick Oudin’s painting are full of dots , bog one small one , double one but they all combine in a fully orchestrated master piece of colours and shape that will sooth your eyes and should in a way only Picasso knew how to do .

Frederic Berjot and his ‘Laughing museum” body casting sculptures will certainly challenge your vision of the world for their raw aspect can either make you smile or cringe .
backview1520710_10152475859448559_3438776883122219169_nself portraitnov2008 copyContemplation copy